Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweaty Betty

Some gifts come wrapped up in beautiful packages. Other presents come enveloped in the tiny hands of giggling boys. Still other so called "gifts" that you receive for a birthday catch you unaware and make you wonder how you're ever going to find the receipt and unload that gift. I believe I unknowingly acquired a doozy of a surprise when I turned 36 - an increased ability to perspire.

As a kid I knew people with chronic B.O. I have at times gaped in horror at those with tremendous pit circles or oceans of back sweat. I feel bad for singers on American Idol or dancers on So You Think You Can Dance that sweat profusely and nobody will hand them a towel. But I think I may have become a Sweaty Betty myself. I used to say, "I don't really sweat that much." Now I pack an extra shirt just in case. I used to perspire a few droplets I could gently wipe away from my forehead. Now my friend Mary has a blackmail photo from our blueberry picking adventure with the kids where I have sweated through two cotton tank tops and am sporting a wet circle the size of my entire torso. Oh yes! I used to work out and my hair might be a touch damp. Now I get off the treadmill after running a few miles to find my clothing and hair soaked. No really, I have to bag the clothes separately so they don't drip on the whole backpack. I might as well have showered in them. And to add insult to injury I keep sweating for at least 30 minutes. And sometimes I even start sweating again as soon as I get out of the shower.

Is it my age? Is it over-hydration? Is it living in Texas in the inescapable heat and humidity? Is it the sprint triathlon training? Have my sweat glands sprung a leak? Or am I now and forevermore going to be Sweaty Betty?